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·         A demo program to create subscreen in your ABAP Program

·         ABAP - Execute BDC immediately by replacing the include BDCRECX1

·         ABAP - Which Table is the Developer Key Stored In

·         ABAP Certification Sample Questions for Abapers

·         ABAP retrieve statistical data from the STAT file

·         ABAP Tips and Tricks

·         Answers for ABAP Certification Sample Questions

·         Background Processing System Fields

·         Creating new program via ABAP

·         Disabling the Modification Assistant

·         Download-Upload SAP Users Favorites

·         Extract the smtp email address

·         Finding the user-exits of a SAP transaction code

·         FTP from ABAP

·         GUI_ and WS_ function modules do not work in background

·         GUIxt queries & Need help with BADIs

·         How to create a Dynamic Internal Table or Array

·         How to find out Total No of Pages of a Report Output

·         Inner Join to retrieve the Material Valuation Class

·         Inserting Website Links in ABAP

·         Internal table in ABAP

·         Issuing an Unix Command from ABAP

·         List Box in ABAP Report

·         Macro in ABAP

·         Make used of OLE to create a new Excel File

·         Output Table Fields to a List

·         Passing data from one ABAP program to another

·         Prevent printing or downloading report output - Disabling the Download Option in LIST

·         Production Order Quantity Change Daily Checklist

·         RFC call to get Server List

·         Sales Order Changed History Display

·         SAPScripts - Developing SAPScript in different languages

·         Scrolling in Table Control

·         Split String into two parts at delimiter

·         Submit ABAP report with SQL traces

·         System Fields for Current Date and Time

·         Trace when a variant of a report was created

·         Using Different Color in ABAP

·         What are ABAP Objects

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